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“It is much more worthwhile to implement only one bright idea
than collecting a thousand of them.”
~ Eraldo Banovac 

What Others Are Saying

"Natalie is a warrior at heart! She compassionately walked with me and provided me with resources at a critical time in my life, showering encouragement along the way. She is truly a mentor and guide."

~ Catherine Bannister-Nemo, Trainer, Pioneers

Catherine Bannister de Pino_edited.jpg

As I spent time with Natalie, she patiently listened, asked great questions, and truly came to understand what I hoped to do. Her unique experience and gifting allowed her to lead me, while at the same time, allowed me to find my own way. 


Natalie’s presence, encouragement and guidance bred a confidence that enabled me to step out in faith to try something I would have never thought I would be able to do.    ~ Michelle Jackson, Group Facilitator

"I am a dreamer. Natalie's efforts, skills and keen attunement provided my dream to become a reality. The freedom I felt leaving things in her capable hands was amazing and I am grateful!"

~ Sue Clinger, Former Program Manager, Willow Creek Care Center

Sue Clinger_edited.jpg
Shelly Pettibone_edited.jpg

"As a first time author, I needed someone to help me go through the process of putting my ideas on paper so they flowed nicely from beginning to end, to help encourage me along the way and provide editing skills. Natalie effectively, patiently and professionally helped me with all of these. At one point, Natalie helped me over a hurdle by saying, "I want to hear more of your own voice in your book." That positively affected the trajectory of my book. Perfect direction!"       ~ Shelly Pettibone, Author and Spiritual Director 

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