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Natalie Sum, LPC

Allender Center Trauma Therapist

Finding a therapist can be a daunting endeavor. As you search for the right therapist, you invite someone to peer into the internal landscape of your heart. I do not take that lightly. In building trust, I seek to understand why it makes sense that you show up in the world as you do. The struggles in both past and present relationships are likely what brought you to the place of seeking therapy. 


My approach is based on several modalities, recognizing the significance of environment, culture, community, faith, and family of origin. I also currently work as a group facilitator at The Allender Center for their trauma training sessions.

I specifically explore how to integrate parts of ourselves that we have banished due to emotional/sexual/relational/

racial/spiritual trauma and its impact on current relational dynamics. I am currently see new clients - adults and couples - and work to create a safe, healing, empowering, and inclusive environment for all of my clients. 

Let’s Work Together

523 W. Old Northwest Highway

Suite 202B

Barrington, IL 60010

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As a licensed professional counselor, feel free to ask me about the weekly supervision and other orders of professional responsibility of which I am under with an LCPC clinical director.

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