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About Me

Growing up in Chicago, I learned about city life, loyalty to the Cubs and the joy of riding a bike around the neighborhood. Today I still live in the Chicagoland area and find joy in these little things, always surrounded by others in genuine community. 
It has taken me most of my life to discover how to best "do me" - a life that now includes facilitating groups, writing content, gathering resources and intently listening to the stories of others. 

I'm completing my degree to be a licensed therapist and will intern with The Art of Living in Crystal Lake, Illinois, specifically focused on trauma and abuse while co-facilitating story groups. My own growth continues with a sacred community of storytellers, mystics, and therapists. I also occasionally write articles for the awesome team at Red Tent Living. 
My deepest desire is for others to have an unencumbered life, in abundance, and become all they were designed to be. 

Me_Look at Dad.JPG

Yep, that's me, the toddler! Because my Dad died when I was just eight, I so wonder what I saw as I stared at him here. 


Natalie Sum

Two-minute video regarding my training experience at The Allender Center where issues of trauma and abuse are addressed. 

More About Me

Dad & Mom_Communion.jpg

A rare photo with both my Dad and my Mom on the day of my first holy communion. I think I always had a hunger to understand God in a very real way. The smirk... well, that's me too.   

Smile_6 years old.jpg

Always seeking to make others smile! I'm the little squirt in the jumper at my sister's birthday party in the 1970's. I clearly embraced being the little sister. 

Brownie_7 years.jpg

I proudly took the role of being a Brownie very seriously in the second grade.

Amy & Me In Chicago_On Boat.jpg

Me and my Amy, on a sunny day in Chicago. She knows and loves me better than anyone else in my lifetime, and I couldn't be more grateful to God for her.  

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